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Friday, August 20, 2010

O Abergil, Saint of the Silly

Eden Abergil has caused quite the stir with her Facebook snapshots posing in front of Palestinian prisoners Abu-Ghraib style.  Already a smattering of groups have popped up decrying her actions in a typically Facebook way: "Tous unis conte la barbare Eden Abergil (We are all united against the barbarian Eden Abergil)", "I Hate Eden Abergil", "Eden Abergil- Demon", "Eden [sic] Aberjil Sucks", and "Eden Aberjil, Verguenza para la Humanidad (Eden Aberjil)".  Such declarations of disgust, some bordering on hatred, are commonplace for Facebookfolk.  What is surprising (aside from the fact that there is one group, 1,500 or so strong in support of the woman) is that no one, not even the Israeli Army, has simply dismissed her immoral actions as those of an immature dolt whose scope of foresight is limited to what she can put up on her Facebook page for the amusement of friends.  She is undoubtedly and undeniably a complete ignoramus.  Her statements on Facebook annunciate a primitive, brutish outlook ("I would gladly kill Arabs-- even slaughter them") typical of football hooligans and stultified post-lobotomy patients.  Any conscience she was meant to possess must have been tossed out with her frontal lobes or washed down with the grain alcohol her mother drank while pregnant. 
The Israeli public, in light of these pictures and the disgraceful actions of one of its (thankfully now former) soldiers, should denounce Eden and make it abundantly clear that she is neither representative of the standard nor the norm of Israel or its armed forces.  
Abergil's pictures inevitably churned up the debate, once more, about the occupation, the Israeli army, and either's deleterious effects on Israeli society.  Rather than delve into these hot topics (here are some links to articles discussing them:, Who's Right, the IDF or Abergil?, It's all too easy for Israeli rights groups to call the IDF's bluff) I will take the time to express my unceremonious distaste for this silly sow, her seemingly unsurpassed stupidity, and her senseless despicable, unsanctioned acts.  
Here is her original Facebook posting with its responses.  The highlighted title to the album reads "The army...the most beautiful time of my life :)".  Considering what I've heard about army service, that is not saying much about the quality of her life.  Perhaps it was a step up from eating paint chips and living in a cardboard box under high-tension power lines, who am I to say.  
Her friend, Adi Tal, remarks that she is sexiest this way, referring to Ms. Abergil's posed fawning over a bound and blindfolded prisoner.  I must say that I agree: this picture makes the wretch on the left look vaguely desirable because the man on the right is within ten feet of her.  Unfortunately, he is bound and blindfolded, suggesting that such proximity was not only against his will, but that he has no idea what kind of deranged pillock is next to him.  Ms. Abergil, I hope you do look him up on Facebook and tag him so that he can be thoroughly revolted by the other pictures of you (and not only for the humiliation you caused him and everything you stand for).  
Ms. Abergil, I hope you've learned a lesson: don't post incriminating pictures on Facebook that make you-- and more importantly your whole country-- look bad, and take a minute to weigh the consequences of your actions.  Everyone else out there, I wish I could say she is a wholly isolated incident, but she is not (see the Magnes Zionist's article on the matter).  Nevertheless, know that Eden Abergil is not representative of Israel, the IDF, or Israelis.  She is, in fact, the Israeli patron saint of bad taste, myopia, and tactlessness.  

1 comment:

  1. Ilan,

    Bravo. Ms. Abergil should spend a nice long period of time thinking about her mistakes from an Israeli Army Prison. Disrespect for arabs, even dangerous ones is intolerable. Humiliating another human being is abhorrent and sheds light on a deeper problem in society which is a lack of proper education.

    Her behavior is an absolute shame to anyone with any sense of values, especially Jewish values.

    I can assure you that I am as disgusted as you. Maybe even more as a veteran of the IDF and as a soldier that cared about the rights of the "other side".

    I would like to comment simply that to my recollection you made no post regarding the haneous and equally abhorrent behavior of Anat Kam whose decisions put the life of many soldiers and civilians at risk.

    Keep up the good work, just maybe add some weight to the other side of the balance. It would give your work more integrity.